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"Life journeys are different. My 50's proved to be the most challenging. I thought surely having and raising 5 children life would get easier, yet peri menopause came and stayed. I bleed for 3 and 4 weeks at a time and along with the bleeding came skin breakdown. Burning itching skin that drove me to the brink. My primary care and dermatologist tried several courses of prednisone over the last four years to get my skin under control. I do use a cortisone cream if I absolutely need to for itch but it's not often. I also went on an Auto Immune diet to which I have been able to add some things back in. I believe Bowen therapy has slowed me down and helped me to shift. I'm a very high functioning ADD person, even perhaps adding the hyperactivity to that. I can get a lot done and excel at multitasking. I'm also very detail oriented. This combination of gifts has exhausted me. Bowen seems to reset me to relax every treatment. Rachel, my Bowen Lady, is also a gift in herself. She genuinely cares and is an excellent listener and helps guide me to practical life choices. I can't imagine life without Bowen. I am extremely grateful."

-Kathy B.


 I have suffered from severe allergy induced sinus infections (treated repeatedly with strong antibiotics) most of my adult life.  After discovering a milk allergy & avoiding dairy, along with taking daily allergy med, I still felt congestion and fought to avoid infection.  During my first Bowen treatment I literally felt my sinuses drain (something they NEVER did on their own.)  With subsequent treatments my sinuses have remained clear.  The tightness, heaviness, & pain in my head has not returned & I'm infection free!  (I do crave a Bowen treatment now & then!)  

- Michelle T.


From a wife about her husband's shoulder pain: " By the way, my husband has NO PAIN! I honestly almost drove off the road hearing that from him. Seriously Rachel, he was in so much pain with that. It's unbelievable."

-Kim K.


From a teenager after 2 Bowen sessions for lingering pain after a foot fracture: " Hi Mrs. Willerer. First of all Happy Thanksgiving! And second of all, I went for a four mile run yesterday which I was very nervous about because I haven't done long distance since I hurt it, but it didn't bother me at all! So I am very thankful for you and your therapy, thank you so much!"

- Morgan Y.

​As an infant my son battled ear infections constantly, and this led him to be on anti-biotics often in his early years. Thankfully he outgrew the ear infections but the constant exposure to anti-biotics impacted the natural flora in his digestive system and he was often constipated. To aid him with his constipation he was on Miralax for years. After hearing of the potential benefits of Bowen from Rachel we decided to give this therapy a try to see if we could move him away from the Miralax. After two visits with Rachel we were able to cut his daily dose in half, and we will continue to work our way done to eliminating Miralax all together. Rachel took the time to fully explain not only to me but my eight year old son what the goal of the therapy was. She also was excellent at helping my son understand how the treatment was going to be done. I feel kids are often the most difficult patients, but Rachel made it look so easy and my son really enjoyed the experience from start to finish. It was fantastic to see how quickly the body can react to Bowen. I would recommend Bowen and Rachel in particular to anyone who is looking for a more natural path to healing their body.

- Kevin F.


In the third trimester of my pregnancy, I developed pretty severe heartburn.  Anything flavored with spices or citrus would bring on my symptoms of pain in my esophagus and the back of my throat.  It would often wake me in the middle of the night, feeling like my throat was on fire.  Rachel recommended that I try Bowen to help ease my symptoms.  I had already tried to change my diet to avoid certain foods, and I had taken over-the-counter medication to try and ease the discomfort and pain, although it never really helped.  I was willing to give Bowen a shot.   

During all of my sessions, Rachel provided a peaceful environment and I was very much put at ease.  She would explain each movement that she did on my body and why it was helpful.  I loved learning the science behind the method.  The technique was so gentle and relaxing.  Each session was a nice break from the stress of daily life.

After I had my sessions with Rachel, I would notice that my heartburn lessened and sometimes even went away fully.  It would tend to come back around a week or so, but could be regulated with my diet change and return visits.   

I am very glad that I tried Bowen to help alleviate my heartburn.  I am a strong proponent of natural remedies and letting the body heal itself, and I am grateful to Rachel for her knowledge and experience in introducing me to this method of therapy. I would recommend it to all seeking to improve their health and learn more about their bodies.  

-Jackie B.

I had noticed my equilibrium was off, it really wasn’t a dizziness but a balance problem and a sort of brain fog for several months. I had my hearing and balance checked and was referred to a neurologist for several MRI tests.  The testing did not give me the answers I was looking for.   However, it did rule out anything serious.  I was beginning to give up hope on feeling better when I heard about Rachel and Bowen Treatment.  I set up an appointment and noticed a difference the very next day.  After three treatments with Rachel I feel so much better!  Rachel is a very caring and gifted practitioner who I would highly recommend.

Paul L-

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